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Dirt Poor: Have Fruits and Vegetables Become Less Nutritious?


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20 Ways To Stay Healthy, Fit and Safe This Winter

“As the season’s change so may some of our health and safety concerns. The winter season can be hectic as many of us are preparing for and attending holiday celebrations. The weather is cooler, days are shorter, and many of us may find it hard to get enough physical activity. The snow and ice can create hazards that can [...]

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Why are organic food prices dropping?

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Is organic food travelling long distances good for you?

This is a great question as many become more concerned about their health and the environment.Anything travelling long distance means more carbon footprint. Well, it is said that the distance food travel has about 11%[1] environmental impact. But is this the actual distance or is it the mode(s) of transport (like tractor trailer, ships, trains, airplanes, pickup trucks, etc.) that is [...]

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Is organic food healthier than conventional food?

There are many views and scientific researches that have said no and yes to this question. However, based on my experience, observations, others experiences and researches done globally, organic food is healthier than conventional food.Researches have shown that organic food has more antioxidants, vitamin C, zinc, phosphorous, etc.Additionally, because organic food has less conventional chemicals used as fertilizers, weedicides, and insecticides, [...]

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Organic Food and Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week & Tradeshow

Soil Health – Local Farmers Shared Learning and Discussion was facilitated by Ruth Knight, P. Ag. CCA -ON, Organic Consultant Inc.Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week 2019 was a great event. It was held at the Elmwood Community Centre in Elmwood, Ontario, Canada from January 3rd to January 9, 2019.Major sponsors for Grey Bruce Farmers’ Week 2019 were Farm [...]

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Where to find organic farms for organic food in Canada

It is great being able to grow your own food and buying straight from your organic farmer. These are the two (2) best ways of ensuring your food is 100% organic, and to help in maintaining the best of health.These two (2) options are not the easiest, but if you incorporate them in how you get your food, you will [...]

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Organic Food, Lupus, Selena Gomez and Ashley Martson 90 Days Fiance

IntroductionWith so many known and not so known individuals speaking out about lupus it is beginning to be more popular in terms of its awareness and the growing number of persons who have it worldwide.There are many celebrities who have some type of lupus such as singers Selena Gomez and Toni Braxton, to actress – Kristen Johnston, and US Gold [...]

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