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The Farming Systems Trial by Rodale Institute


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22 Organic, Natural, Alternative, Lifestyle & Medical Ways To Treat Hot Flashes

As the world continues to exist, as we humans continue to be present on earth, our bodies make changes as we become older, and as such, we experience changes that are considered natural.One such experience are hot flashes that is known to occur with many individuals of the female gender.So what are hot flashes?Hot flash is normally described as a feeling [...]

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9 Ways to Organically, Naturally and Alternatively Treat and Deal With Arthritis

It is no secret that many individuals today suffer from arthritis. So the questions are, what is arthritis and why are so many suffering?What is arthritis?Arthritis is inflammation of the joints which may develop over time or suddenly.You know you have arthritis or can evolve into it when you begin to experience negative effects in connection to your joint(s).Examples of negative effects [...]

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12 Ways How Organic Food Benefits The Environment

It is no secret that consuming organic food is great for you. And when I say organic food, I am referring specifically to organic food you grow and/or rear yourself, or is directly from an organic farmer. Ok, to a little extent, the organic stuff you buy in the stores is alright for now. Nevertheless, I don’t know if you realize [...]

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20 Ways To Stay Healthy, Fit and Safe This Winter

“As the season’s change so may some of our health and safety concerns. The winter season can be hectic as many of us are preparing for and attending holiday celebrations. The weather is cooler, days are shorter, and many of us may find it hard to get enough physical activity. The snow and ice can create hazards that can [...]

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Why are organic food prices dropping?

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Is organic food travelling long distances good for you?

This is a great question as many become more concerned about their health and the environment.Anything travelling long distance means more carbon footprint. Well, it is said that the distance food travel has about 11%[1] environmental impact. But is this the actual distance or is it the mode(s) of transport (like tractor trailer, ships, trains, airplanes, pickup trucks, etc.) that is [...]

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