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5 Ways To Earn Extra Income From Your Organic Farm

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As farming continues to be a viable venture, and with organic farming proving to be very profitable and among other benefits, there are still farming and non-farming ways to make income from your farm operation(s). Some of these ways are as follows:

  1. Provide a campsite

Providing a campsite should be easy as you already have the land space, and those renting that space from you will be providing the tent and anything else needed.

Also, you may provide shower, toilet and access to water. Having electricity at the camp site may be optional.

  2. Have a vendor’s market

For the vendor’s market, you simply rent space to vendors who would like to sell items to customers.

This is great as you already have the land space and you already have customers who will patronize these vendors. Additionally, if your farm is situated beside a busy highway, now you’ll attract more customers.

You may need to provide access to toilets, running water and electricity.

  3. Start a bed and breakfast

Now this is not new but can be very profitable. However, it may be more involved as you provide accommodation(s) for guests as well as breakfast.

You may advertise through various methods including listing on Airbnb to attract customers.

  4. Do value adding

For example, if you already grow wheat, then why not start making bread.

If you are already doing dairy, then why not start making cheese and ice cream.

So these are some of the value added ways you may make extra income from your farm.

  5. Workshops

If you like sharing your knowledge, then conducting workshops is a great way to share what you know and get paid for it (unless you decide to have free workshops).

So if you know how to do bees keeping, growing plants in pots, taking care of indoor plants, etc., then workshops are great ways to earn additional income from your farm operation(s).