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9 Reasons Healthy Bars, Protein Bars & Energy Bars Are Great Ways To Make Extra Income

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As consumers demand healthier products, companies are being forced to switch to goods that are more nutritious. This has led to an explosion in whole foods, etc.

Of all the snacks that individuals will consume, healthy bars, energy bars and protein bars have responded the best to consumer trends. Thus, it is not surprising to see healthy bars, energy bars and protein bars containing fiber, vitamins, protein, nuts, fruits, vegetables, low carbs, and so on. Some have gone even further such as Trimbar to be dairy-free, soy-free, non-genetically modified, gluten-free, 100% vegan and more.

“The snack bar market is segmented based on type and ingredients. There are various products available as snack bars such as breakfast bars, energy bars, fruit bars, granola, nutritional bars and others.”[1]

                                      GLOBAL SNACK BAR MARKET

According to a November 1, 2017 article titled Healthy Snack Bar by Sarah Novak - “In a global snack bar market estimated to be worth $4.29 billion, according to India-based market research firm Mordor Intelligence, healthy yet sweet and comforting snack bars are gradually replacing higher calorie, less-healthy treats like cakes and cookies by featuring added protein and important nutrients, including fiber and healthy fats. And grocery stores are paying attention to this global market, which is expected to grow by 6.7 percent annually, according to Mordor Intelligence.”[2]

Additionally, The Healthy Snack Market Analysis, By Product (Cereal & Granola Bars, Nuts & Seeds Snacks, Meat Snacks, Dried Fruit Snacks, Trail Mix Snacks), By Region, And Segment Forecasts 2018 – 2025 published May 2017 states – “The global healthy snack market size was valued at USD 21.1 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.1% over the forecast period on account of its changing lifestyle coupled with rising awareness about healthy & nutritious food consumption in between meals. The evolution of consumer perception about snacking along with key attributes such as ease of consumption, variety, and portability are expected to drive the market over the forecast period.”[3]

The US market “… remains the largest market for snack bars with the highest sales accounting for 42% of the global sales. North America was the largest regional market for snack bars in 2013. Asia- Pacific has witnessed a strong growth over the past few years on account of increasing household income. India and China are two leading markets in Asia- Pacific region, responsible for triggering the market growth. The rise in the living standards of the middle class population is expected to result in increasing demand. Japan and the UK are the other significant markets accounting for a 35% cumulatively. Snack foods are the best options for consumers who prefer on-the-go breakfast and who would be interested in portable and convenient snacking options.”[4]


“The demand for healthy snacks has been increasing in adult population due to evolution of on-the-go lifestyle and availability of convenient snacking options. The rising popularity of snacking among the young population has boosted the need for healthy eating habits and is expected to propel the market demand over the next eight years. In addition to on-the-go lifestyle, snacking option that provides adequate nutrition is influencing the buyers’ decision. Rising awareness among the regions such as Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America is expected to have a positive impact on the industry.”[5]

                                            THE U.S. MARKET

The November 1, 2017 article titled Healthy Snack Bar by Sarah Novak also states - “The growth of the snack bar market represents just a portion of an upward trend in the American snacking culture. According to New York-based Nielson, North American consumers have made snacking an obsession that is worth big bucks — approximately $124 billion annually. While snacking once suffered from a “junk food” stigma that meant unhealthy, empty calories, better options like natural ingredient snack bars, dried fruits, nut and trail mixes have seemingly reinvented the idea of portable treats into something attractive to health-conscious consumers.”[6]


“Consumers have a clear idea of what they want and don’t want from snack products designed to meet their nutritional needs. The 2017 IRI Snacking Survey found 60% of U.S. consumers want additional health benefits beyond nutrition (e.g., antioxidants), up eight points from 2016; while 59% said they want snacks that contain vitamins and minerals (up 2 points from the previous year). Additionally, 56.1% of consumers wanted no trans fats; 52.9% wanted low salt/sodium; 50.8% low sugar; and 46.2% low calorie. For those seeking certain ingredients, 64.6% wanted energy support (+4.6 points); 58% fruits and vegetables (+9 points); 56.6% all-natural; and 52.4% fiber (+4.2 points). Sixty percent of those surveyed said they wanted fresh, unprocessed products, while 56.1% wanted no preservatives or additives.”[7]


‘Understanding how consumers perceive and use bars is crucial to creating a successful product. “Three-quarters of U.S. consumers who buy cereal/snack bars eat them as a snack between meals, whilst over 60 percent eat them as a portable breakfast option," reported Jonathan Thomas, principal market analyst, Leatherhead Research Ltd. “Consumption tends to be skewed toward the latter half of the day, either as a between-meals snack or around periods of exercise," he added.

Thomas also pointed out U.S. penetration of energy and nutrition bars is highest among those aged 25 to 54 years, and cereal and snack bar consumption is generally highest among more affluent consumers.’[8]

‘And in terms of affluence? “Users of nutritional bars are 24 percent more likely than adults on average to have earned a bachelor’s degree or more, and they are much more likely to enjoy a household income of $150,000 or more," ’[9] said A. Elizabeth Sloan, Ph.D., CEO and owner of Sloan Trends Inc.

“With such a low draw among older populations, Sloan sees great opportunity with Boomers and seniors, especially women. “Although traditionally, consumers over age 50 were not bar consumers, these New Agers are fast turning to nutrition bars—and for that matter, sports and energy beverages—to meet their nutritional and lifestyle goals."[10]


Some of the major or known companies that manufacture, retail and/or distribute healthy bars, energy bars, protein bars and/or snacks globally and/or specifically in the United States of America (USA) are Kellogg, Natural Valley, Alpen, Jordan, Quest Nutrition, General Mills, Mondelez International, PepsiCo Foods, Nestle S.A., B&G Food Inc., Enjoy Life Foods (acquired by Mondelez International), Nature's Bounty Co., GlaxoSmithKline Plc, Clif Bar & Company, Kind and PureTrim.


‘ “PureTrim is the world's only premium Mediterranean lifestyle company distributing premium quality anti-aging products in both the weight loss and skin care categories, with … official launch … November 1, 2017.

PureTrim products are based on ancient Mediterranean health principles which are the key to achieving life-changing results.

As the world-wide leader in Mediterranean product technology, PureTrim has pioneered revolutionary weight loss and anti-aging natural formulas based on the Mediterranean lifestyle and diet. The medical and scientific community now recognizes that the Mediterranean diet is key to its inhabitants living longer and healthier lives than people living in other parts of the world.

PureTrim products are natural, with organic components, and measure up to "live clean standards." … products do not contain stimulants or harmful ingredients and are vegan, gluten-free, whey-free, dairy-free and soy-free.

PureTrim manufactures all of its products in strict compliance with all Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure … products consist of natural ingredients of the highest quality and purity … ingredients and products are repeatedly tested to ensure safe products for … customers, while strictly adhering to Pharmaceutical standards of dietary supplement product manufacturing.

PureTrim offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all product purchases, which proves that PureTrim is committed to providing its customers with exceptional products.

PureTrim is guided by an exceptional Medical Advisory Board made up of doctors with a combined 100 years of medical experience. Similarly, the PureTrim executive team has a combined experience spanning 75 years in natural product manufacturing …products are among the safest, most effective health solutions on the market today.” ’[11]

PureTrim products are prominently featured in the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS) that is updated annually, and is the only comprehensive, natural health product reference for Canadian physicians, and has been for over 60 years.

In the United States of America, PureTrim products are featured in the Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR).

‘ “The PureTrim System, with its highly effective weight loss and anti-aging benefits, is used by many well-known celebrities and athletes … products have also been featured in many news articles and on television programs, generating a fast-growing following of thousands of customers whose lives have changed from using PureTrim products”.’ [12]

9 Reasons Healthy Bars, Protein Bars, Energy Bars are Great Ways to Make Extra Income

   1. You can earn an extra income

One of the best ways of making an extra income is to sell healthy bars, protein bars and energy bars, for one of the manufacturers, or become a promoter.

For example, as a promoter of PureTrim you will earn an extra income from every product including the Trimbar Organic Meal Replacement you sell and use yourself.

It is FREE to join, so why not give it a try at https://cariporterinc.puretrim.com/join/

   2. Almost everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle

In today’s world, there is a desire by many individuals to live a healthy life.

For this to happen, there are various ways and several things that should be done consistently in order to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, some of these are:

* Exercising

* Eating organic food so you may get the nutrient you need

* Reducing stress

* Staying away from pollution as best as possible


With respect to eating organic food so you may get the nutrient you need, the two (2) best ways of ensuring your food is organic is to grow it yourself or buy directly from your organic farmer.

However, in this fast moving world where everyone is apparently always on the go, it may be challenging doing those two (2) methods regularly. So you may need some help like introducing supplements to your diet.

With so many supplements, healthy bars, protein bars, energy bars, shakes, and other choices out there, it is requiring more effort in choosing what is best for you.

Nevertheless, healthy bars, energy bars, and protein bars have proven to be the leading choice in getting the nutrition you need on the go. Which explains why sales of these bars have grown so much and so quickly, and is expected to continue on this path. This makes it a profitable venture for those who are persistent in becoming successful.

    3. You can use your smartphone

In today’s world, smartphone use has become the increasingly popular choice for communication and almost anything online. So it is no surprise that you can easily earn an extra income with healthy bars, protein bars, and energy bars using your smartphone.

For example, once you sign up with PureTrim you simply download their app on your smartphone. And through this app you can make sales, access your office, and more.

So you can literally do business on the go using your smartphone.


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