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Is organic food travelling long distances good for you?

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This is a great question as many become more concerned about their health and the environment.

Anything travelling long distance means more carbon footprint.

Well, it is said that the distance food travel has about 11%[1] environmental impact. But is this the actual distance or is it the mode(s) of transport (like tractor trailer, ships, trains, airplanes, pickup trucks, etc.) that is having carbon footprint(s).

Clearly the closer the food is to its customers, the less overall impact on the environment with respect to the distance food travels.

So what about the quality of the organic food?

With regards to the quality of the organic food, like any other food, it will start to lose its freshness and content over time, so this is no different.

Refrigeration, cold cellars, etc. do help to keep freshness and overall quality.

Additionally, there are organic farm operations like Cariporter Organic that so far offers same day delivery after harvest, so the quality is high as if you picked your organic food yourself.

[1] https://www.naturespath.com/en-ca/blog/your-most-common-questions-concerns-about-organic-food-answered/