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What is local food and what does local have to do with organic food?


Local basically means food produced close to where you live. This may include food you grow in your backyard, food from a farm just down the street, and food grown in your community. Local has also been extended to mean food provided in your province or state and country.

Local food can also be considered a movement where a network is created to connect producers and consumers in the same area. This may be done through farmers markets and community supported agriculture (CSA) programs.

The overall aim of having and supporting local food is to try and ensure consistent supply of healthy and nutritious food, assist farmers in being in contact with consumers, and increase spending in the community/local economy.

This spending or circulation of money in the community/local economy helps businesses in that area to thrive, assist in reducing unemployment and poverty, while overall developing that particular district.

Buying local food helps to reduce pollution as food does not have to travel long distances, so aiding in reducing air pollution.

So organic food fits well with local food.



Who is a locavore?


A locavore is an individual interested in eating local food.

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