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 Ahhh, nothing is as refreshing, relaxing, de-stressing, inspiring and healthy like eating fruits and vegetables from your organic garden, while enjoying your outside home environment. It is always nice to know you have not sprayed your lawn and patio with any dangerous chemicals, so you, your kids and others can enjoy them without becoming ill.


The picture above is the actual backyard of one of our employees, as we practice what we preach.


Apart from organic gardening and lawn care being overall cheaper compared to conventional, going organic also helps to reduce household expenses such as your water bill, food bill, hydro bill, medical bill, overall lawn and garden care bill, etc. You may learn about other benefits by clicking HERE


So go organic by selecting your preferences below or contacting  us at 647-852-4300, info[at] cariporter.ca, or online HERE, and enjoy a better and healthier life.


 Some of the services we offer are:


* Building Organic Gardens

* Interlocking

* Building sheds

* Fall Clean Up

* Flower Bed and Garden Clean Up

* Garden Bed Maintenance

* Lawn Grass Seeding

* Lawn Maintenance

* Lawn Mowing and Edge Trimming

* Leaves and Branches Clean Up

* Mulching

* Nice Neighbours Program

* Organic Fertilization

* Pest Control

* Planting Seedlings

* Property Maintenance

* Pruning

* Small Trees and Shrubs Trimming

* Sodding

* Soil Testing

* Spring Clean Up

* Turf Maintenance

* Weed Control

* Weeding

* Winter Snow Services



Additionally, you may go forward and learn simple steps in organic gardening, how to know/identify organic food, and the benefits of organic.



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