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Spring Clean Up




For the beginning of the warm season, it is important to get a good start. So going organic would probably be one of the best decisions you will make, and this decision gets better and better as you enjoy the many benefits such as:

~ Organic lawn and garden care makes landscaping cheaper overall;

~ It helps to keep your family, friends, and pets healthy;

~ It helps to protect and conserve the environment;

~ It helps to mitigate against global warming and climate change;

~ You will be eating more nutritious, fresh and healthy food from your organic food


~ And more.


Spring Clean Up may involve mowing the lawn and trimming the edges, clearing and bagging leaves and branches, reseeding  your lawn and especially damaged parts, adding organic compost with minerals as fertilizer, planting seedlings, mulching, weeding, and cleaning up flower and garden beds.

So select your Residential Spring Clean Up preferences below, and enjoy your lawn and garden. For Commercial Spring Clean Up you may contact us at 647-852-4300, email us a info[at]cariporter.ca, or online at http://www.cariporterstore.biz/comments-questions/ .

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