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As the winter season is up on us, it is time again to prepare to be warm and plan how best to get around during snow fall, freezing rain, just to highlight a few.


When it snows, many cities, regions and municipalities try to have the streets and public walkways cleared, but from time to time, it has proven impossible to have all public walkways cleaned,while they work hard to empty the streets of snow. Consequently, residents are asked to clean public walkways next to their properties, in addition to the driveways, steps, pathways and so on, that locals already have to take care of. These are demanding, especially below zero degrees celsius (0 °C). As such, Cariporter is here to help you.


We are usually out doing snow blowing within thirty (30) minutes after snow falls depending on the road conditions. And then we normally pass by again to clean up what is left behind when the roads get cleaned. 


As everyone should know, winter can be very unpredictable. But regardless of what winter brings, Cariporter is ready and have always been equipped.   


Our winter snow blowing prices are based on the following:


* WINTER SEASON prices are for the entire winter season, and WINTER SINGLE prices are for each time you call us. 


* Our winter services run all the way into spring, i.e. December to April.


* Driveways are the residential types that are usually up to 30ft in length and is tiled, concrete, interlocked or asphalt.


* A single driveway is defined as a drive way that can hold up to two (2) vehicles.


* A double driveway is defined as a drive way that can hold up to four (4) vehicles.


* A triple driveway is defined as a drive way that can hold up to six (6) vehicles.


* We start plowing when 5cm of snow has fallen, or several consistent snow flake type fallings.


* We also offer services to start blowing when 2cm of snow has fallen, so call us at 647-852-4300 or email us at info[at]cariporter.ca for more information.


* The WINTER SEASON prices is for snow blowing up to a total of 200 cm or 2 m. After the limit has been reached, it will be $1.50 per cm, or you may decide to use other options such as WINTER SINGLE services.


* For services that involve salting, we may use salt, sand and/or ice melter. 


* For any other services, enquiries or questions please call us at 647-852-4300, email us at info[at]cariporter.ca, or contact us at http://www.cariporterstore.biz/comments-questions/ .


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